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Natural style pond

Ponds to suit everyone

Whatever you want from your pond, let Aquascapes Surrey Ltd make it happen. We undertake work for clients throughout London and across the UK. Contact us today to learn more.

Koi ponds

Aquascapes can design Koi ponds for you and your budget. Whether you are an avid Koi keeper or new to Koi keeping we can design the right pond for you. Koi ponds with windows, split level Koi ponds, large Koi ponds and small Koi ponds. We can install gravity fed filtration, pumped filtration or even in some instances - in the pond itself. All filtration is fully guaranteed as is the construction and all equipment.

Japanese garden



Koi pond with window

Bespoke ponds

Here at Aquascapes we pride ourselves on creating ponds that are not the standard ponds that other companies churn out on a regular basis. One look at our portfolios will show you how we like to create genuinely different ponds with different shapes, materials and styles. We can always work to your budget and imagination to create something unique.

Ground level ponds

Many people prefer a ground level pond in order to blend the pond into the garden. If you don't want the pond to be a high focal point, want the pond to fit into a specific garden design or even feel that you could see the fish better at ground level - as many people do - then these are the ponds for you. They also tend to cost less than raised ponds.

Ground level pond
Raised pond

Raised ponds

The opposite of ground level ponds, raised ponds can offer a different design angle when considering what to have in your garden. Because you will see a lot more of the material they are made from they can make a real statement and are often the starting point if redesigning the garden, with everything following on from the pond. They are also more versatile with split levels or viewing windows and can make good areas to sit on to feed and admire the fish.

Small ponds and large ponds

Aquascapes like to cater for all, whether you want a really large pond or a teeny tiny pond does not matter to us, we provide whatever it is that you require. Sometime people only have a small space for a pond, other times only a big pond will make the splash in the garden that you are after.

Small pond
natural pond

Natural ponds

Natural ponds can really add something to your garden, both in the aesthetics of the pond whilst also adding wildlife such as frogs, toads, newts, dragonflies, and all sorts of small pond fish. The addition of a natural stone waterfall, stream, bog garden, pebble beach and planting areas can transform even the dullest garden into a beautiful wildlife paradise.

Lotus flower in bloom

The Aquascapes guarantee

All construction undertaken by Aquascapes is fully guaranteed for 36 months from its completion.

All supplied and fitted equipment comes with at least a 12-month parts and labour guarantee. Should any issues emerge in this period, we will repair or replace and reinstall the item free of charge.

Fountain in pond



Get in touch

Aquascapes Surrey Ltd has designed and installed ponds for clients in London and right across the UK. All our work is designed for the individual client, and guaranteed.

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