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Pond restoration

Full water feature and pond restoration

Water feature renovation can breathe new life into your pond or water feature. Contact the specialists at Aquascapes Surrey Ltd today. We serve clients in London and across the UK.

Complete renovations

We offer complete pond and water feature restoration.

Such as completely stripping and resealing a feature, repairing waterfalls, replacing coping/surrounding edging and sandblasting.

Loose rocks and coping can be re-cemented, as can any cracks in concrete ponds.

We can also replace existing electrics, pumps, lights, water blades, filter systems, pipework and anything else to do with the pond/water feature.

Pond before
Pond after



pond restoration
pond restoration finished

Landscape renovations

We can also renovate the landscapes around ponds and water feature areas. This includes jet washing/ sandblasting of coping/ decking/ paving/ waterfalls/ rocks and boulders. Restoration of metalwork is also undertaken such as cleaning and de-lime scaling.

Pond reline

We undertake all pond re-linings from a new build to relining an old worn liner. We only use high quality Butyl rubber liners, rather than the inferior plastic ones (PVC, Polypropylene).

Old liners will be removed, the pond excavation cleaned up/reshaped if necessary and re-sanded.

Then a thick pre-liner is laid to further protect the new liner and give it the longest life possible.

Lastly any edging/coping would be re-laid and any plants/ pumps/ lights/ equipment will be reinstalled and the pond recommissioned.

Digging the pond
Lined pond
Fountain in pond



Get in touch

For water feature restoration services in London or anywhere in the UK, make the team at Aquascapes Surrey Ltd your first call. We have the expertise you need.

01342 712893

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