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Residential water features

A water feature can bring an air of peace and calm to your garden, bringing the tranquillity of gently moving water. Aquascapes Surrey Ltd creates water features for homes in London and across the UK.

Beautiful focal points for your garden

A garden can be an extension of your home, a beautiful place that provides an expanded living space. A bespoke water feature is an ideal focal point for any garden. We work with homeowners to create beautiful pieces of art that complete a garden and will be enjoyed for years to come. From traditional styles to modern innovation, your water feature will be designed to your specifications, and we know the finished product will exceed all your expectations.

Japanese garden



Lotus flower in bloom

Bespoke designs created just for you

The water features that we create are intended to be one-of-a-kind installations, designed to suit your garden, your home, and your personal preferences. To that end, every project is approached as a blank canvas, and everything we do is led by you. We’ll work closely with you to understand what you wish to achieve with your water feature, creating something that combines your inspiration with our creativity and technical ability… and the end result will be something truly special.

Mirror steps and pond

Design, fabrication, and installation

When we are commissioned to undertake a project, we take care of everything. The process begins with a consultation, which informs the design process. Once we have a design that you love, we’ll manufacture and assemble the necessary components for project, then install it. From the first broad scope of the design process to the moment you watch the water start to flow, our expert team do it all. You’re working with an exceptional team when you choose Aquascapes Surrey.

Fountain in pond



Get in touch

To learn more about how we create our residential water features and what we can achieve, contact Aquascapes Surrey Ltd. We’re based near London, and work across the UK.

01342 712893

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