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water features

Water features to suit all

Designed, manufactured and installed by our in-house team, Aquascapes Surrey Ltd creates fantastic bespoke water features for clients in London and beyond, covering all of the UK. Get in touch today.

Modern water features

Modern water features suit modern homes and contemporary gardens. Often designers will have something in mind to fit in with their ideas or sometimes the client has their own ideas but if not then we can design something for you to suit your budget, your garden or your imagination.

white spout



traditional feature

Traditional water features

Anything from just a simple and classic lions head spouting water feature to a classic but unique lead fountain we can source and install it for you.


Three tier fountains are another firm traditional favourite as well as less expensive features like half oak barrels or small wooden deer scarers that don't take up much room. There are many other traditional features, give us a ring to discuss

Water tables

Water tables are quite a modern type of water feature. They are not a cheap, quick or easy type of water feature and each one has to be designed from scratch but the results can be stunning. All types of materials can be used to create a water table, though often stone is an ideal material because of the versatility of all the different types of stone that can be used.

water table
water walls

Water walls

Water walls are a very good way to see some running water in your garden. They can be free standing self contained water walls or they can be built into the design of the garden itself, like the carved granite water wall set in to a green wall that is pictured opposite. They are typically made from stone, metal or glass but are also sometimes made from building up small pebbles, walling or slivers of slate for example, extremely versatile they are well worth exploring.

Bespoke water features

Most water features can be bespoke, that is to say designed to your specifications. The feature in the picture opposite with the small water blade protruding from the wooden trellis was created for a client in Harley Street that had a very small dark courtyard that needed brightening up and the other picture is of a very unusual water feature for French clients because they wanted a funky unique fountain.

bespoke fountain
jumping jets

Jumping jets and fun water features

Water features do not have to always be serious or a grand statement, they can also be fun. Brightly coloured water features with jumping jets or a small indoor pond set into the floor with a pond viewing window are just two examples of what can be achieved with the right imagination.

Commercial water features

Aquascapes also deal with commercial water feature projects. We often deal with Architects, designers, landscapes architects or directly with clients. We offer a full design and construction service as well as working with existing designs to do construction or sometimes only dealing with technical issues such as pipe work and valves, filtration, electronic water top ups and pumps etc.


We also renovate and maintain existing water features.

gallery pond
Lotus flower in bloom

The Aquascapes guarantee

All construction undertaken by Aquascapes is fully guaranteed for 36 months from its completion.


All supplied and fitted equipment comes with at least a 12-month parts and labour guarantee. Should any issues emerge in this period, we will repair or replace and reinstall the item free of charge.

Fountain in pond



Get in touch

Aquascapes Surrey Ltd has been supplying bespoke water features to clients in London for decades. We are also happy to undertake projects right across the UK.

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